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BMI CABLES PRIVATE LTD is accredited with ISO 9001 : 2000 certification. This includes well established production lines, modern quality control factlities, up-to-date technical assistance wing and well planned plant utility and offsite facilities. This is supported by team of dedicated, experienced and qualified managerials, engineering and other staff. The Company always enjoyed an excellent industrial relations.

It has now an integrated cable manufacturing plant with facilities right from wire drawing to packing of the finished products under one roof, and produces cables of high quality with ISI certification. The utilities and offsite facilities cover Water Storage, Steam Generation, Electrical Transformers, Standby D.G Sets, Air Compressors and Material handling facilities.
The manufacturing facilities are supported with a workshop for ensuring adequate maintenance and upkeep of machineries. The testing and quality control section offers facilities to carry out all Routine, Acceptance and Type tests as per Indian as well as international standards.

BMI And other national / International standards like IEC,STM,JIS,VDE,DIN, It has also designed, manufactured, tested and supplied wires & cables meeting special requirements of various customers.

Excellent quality of cables is maintained by strict quality control at every stage of manufacturing and by virtue of very stringent tests conducted as per the relevant Specifications at our well equipped laboratory under the supervision of qualified engineers and experts, BMI CABLES PRIVATE LTD has implemented an extensive quality assurance and quality control programme. It's Testing Laboratory is fully equipped with most sophisticated and imported instruments, engineers are busy checking, testing and ensuring quality of inputs including raw materials as well as the finished products at every stage. Our products have been successfully type tested in- House and other government testing laboratories.

BMI CABLES PRIVATE LTD has a team of highly trained technical staff who could advise you regarding suitability of cables for special applications and on laying conditions for optimum economy and also advice you regarding the accessories such as jointing, termination etc. Today, BMI CABLES PRIVATE LTD serves Power , Cement, Steel Sector, Telecommunication & Fertilizer Companies as well as wide range of Contractors & Industrial users.

Looking to the need of unfailing and dependable power transmission and distribution to sustain the tempo of industrialization, BMI CABLES PRIVATE LTD has undertaken extensive modernization, upgradation and expansion programme to enlarge its products range to LT& HT Elastomeric (Rubber)/ PVC/XLPE Cables and provides improved technical products and services.

Lastly, in line with the Corporate objectives of Quality Control, Perfection and professionalism, BMI CABLES PRIVATE LTD .has emerged as a force to reckon with.
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